Six Problems in Search of a Solution
The challenge of cybertext theory and ludology to literary theory

by Markku Eskelinen

As its title should tell the paper tries to solve or at least complicate six specific problems. First, as narratives are supposed to be transmedial how should we extend literary narratology beyond its print heritage? Second and thirdly, in addition to various narrative and would-be-narrative constellations and devices also the relations between texts and the text's relation to itself have changed. Fourthly, all these changes have their bearing on the role of the reader in the situation where the lack of conventions is well matched with the outdated expectations concerning narratives, texts and transtextuality. Fifthly, enter playability and the fear of variety when readers and scholars should perhaps be willing to give up the idea of literary wholes and try to pursue happiness in the form of parts, phases and playthings. Sixthly, we'll try to shed some ludological light into the recent trend of building textual instruments and instrumental texts.

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