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Literature in the Age of Virtual Reality [German]
Is Benjamin's analyses of the connection between technology and capitalistic politics and Adorno's critic of Kulturindustrie with respect to digital media still valid? Does the publishing industry disappear or rebuild itself? Where is the money in the Internet? Do we need a theory of literature whose methods meet features of literature in the net such as intermediality and interactivity? Sadhana Naithani introduces her research concept.

"First Person. New Media as Story, Performance, and Game" [English]
The premise of this collection of essays by new media practitioners and theorists is that computer games can be seen as examples of electronic literature, while other forms of electronic writing are becoming increasingly more game-like. Julian Kücklich argues that the ambitious attempt to map new media from this perspective ultimately fails due to the othering of alternative approaches and an unwillingness to learn from the mistakes made in other areas of new media research.

Dieter Daniels' "Vom Readymade zum Cyberspace" [German]
Four essays about the history and future of interactive media art: the alliance of art and media since Dada, the difference between avant-garde art (Readymade) and similar phenomena in mainstream media (Big Brother), how the concept of interactivity has been perverted in mass media, the deeper relationship between Duchamp's "Large Glass" and Turing's "Black Box". Roberto Simanowski give a critical report.