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Espen Aarseth: Hypertext, Cybertext [English]
Roberto Simanowski talked to Espen Aarseth about the rapid expansion of research and development of curricula, funded by Norwegian government, in the field of hypertext, and the needs and problems of classification and categorization. He learnt why hypertext is not a technology, but rather a dream of a technology, why MUDs are something else than storytelling, and to what extent the distinction between art and commerce is itself thoroughly commercial.

Inna Kouper: Hypertext in Russia [English]
Roberto Simanowski talked to Inna Kouper about the physiognomy of the Russian net, hypertextual works about the Russian mentality, such as Dmitry Galkovsky's hypertext "Endless dead-end," the nineteenth-century Russian equivalent of Raimond Queneau, N. Markevich, and the mistaken conclusion that postmodern theory is the basis for hypertext.

Francisco Ricardo: Hypertext-Conference [English]
Roberto Simanowski talked to Francisco Ricardo, chair of the conference's Publicity Commitee, about the conference's high registration fee and lack of philosophical-aesthetic contributions, the nature of the "Digital Arts and Culture" Conference, and the differences between the American and German approaches to digital literature.

Heiko Idensen: cut&paste and plug&pay [German]
Roberto Simanowski talked to German net-activist and theorist Heiko Idensen about the developement of net-culture, German research programs, the role of author and reader, the quality of net-literature, the institutionalisiation, and the role of American theory in the German discussion.

Mark Bernstein: Creating, selling, and evaluating Hyperfiction [English]
Bernstein might be considered the Gutenberg of Hypertext, and his company Eastgate Systems is considered the "primary source for serious hypertext". Roberto Simanowski talked to Bernstein about the present and future of hypertext, and about the task of its evaluation and publishing.

Oliver Gassner: Ettlinger Literaturwettbewerb 1999 [German]
Christiane Heibach's Interview mit Oliver Gassner, coordinator of the Ettlinger Internet-Literature-Competition 1999, talks about the competition, the criteria for evaluation, the characteristics of net-literature, and the issue of their commercialisation.