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Claudia Klinger: Collaborative Writing Projects and Web Diary [German]
Claudia Klinger explains how the collaborative writing project "Beim Bäcker" was created and has developed, why such collaborative projects are not playgrounds for egoism, but crystallization points for social performances. She also talks about her web diary, about mass diaries on the net and about the shift from contemplative talking to one's own diary to the exhibitionistic proclamation of one's own self to the world.

Marie-Laure Ryan: Narrative as Puzzle!? [English]
Marie-Laure Ryan talkes with Roberto Simanowski about her new book "Narrative as Virtual Reality" (appearing December 2000), the concepts of immersion and interactivity, the difference between readers and players, the (lack of) pleasure of hyperfiction and the future of hyperfiction as hypermedia.

J. Yellowlees Douglas: Reading and Thinking Hypertext [English]
J. Yellowlees Dougaes talks about her new book "End of Books or Books without End", about the aesthetic strenghts and limits of hypertext, and about her own hyperfiction "I Have Said Nothing".

Ed Barrett: Life is bigger than environment [English]
Ed Barrett is author and editor of various books on social aspects of new media and gives courses on interactive fiction. He talks about digital media and education, he tells us, that the Web currently suffers from terminal graphic design disease, that he'd rather see a student learn humility than hubris, and explains why chairs in computer labs should be on rollers.

Ernest W.B. Hess-Lüttich: Hypertext - Curricula [German]
Prof. Dr. Hess-Lüttich, Universität Bern, talks about research on and teaching of new media and about the aesthetics of hypertext and digital literature.

Susana Pajares Tosca: Hypertext in Spain [English]
Susana Pajares Tosca is the editor of the first Spanish hyperfiction journal and is writing her doctoral thesis on "Hypertext and Literature". Roberto Simanowski talked with her about the state of the art and research of hypertext in Spain, about the pedagogical potential of hypertext, about the "hype-excitement" regarding the freeing of readers by multi linear linkage, and about criteria to classify a digital work of art.