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Mark Amerika: network (h)activity [English]
Roberto Simanowski speaks with Mark Amerika about his work, authorship, 'Avant-Garde Capitalism', 'network (h)activity', and New Media Writing competitions.

Michael Giesecke: After the Conference [German]
At the Aesthetics of Digital Literature Conference, Prof. Dr. M. Giesecke talked about the future of literature in new media, the role scholars of literature are likely to play in that future, and about terminology and "gold rush atmosphere".

Susanne Berkenheger: Hyperfiction pur [German]
The 'Grand Dame' of German Hyperfiction keeps focussing on word adventures even in times of multimedia. Roberto Simanowski talked to her about here award winning Hyperfiction "Zeit für die Bombe" (Time for the Bomb) and "Hilfe!" (Help!): about bomb attacks by click, the reader's observation by the texts, the transformation of readers into players, and the author's relation to technology and the avantgarde.

Hermann Rotermund: Netliterature in the literary net [German]
Hermann Rotermund was an organizer and judge of the Pegasus-Competitions for netliterature in 1997 and 1998 and is member of the jury of E-Book-Awards 2000. Roberto Simanowksi talks to him about competitions for "net"-literature, evaluate criteria, the relation of poetry and technology, his Cyberopera project, and E-Books.

Urs Schreiber: "The Epos of the Maschine" [German]
The interview after the review. Roberto Simanowski talks to Urs Schreiber about the basic idea and production process behind "Epos", reading beneath the surf of technical effects, "blood of letters", and digital concrete poetry.

Frank Klötgen: "Die Aaleskorte der Ölig" [German]
The winner of the 1998 Pegasus-Competition pretended to be a movie, promised 6,9 billion ways to reading, and was, all in all, a huge parody of hypertext. It found only good friends or bitter enemies. Roberto Simanowski talked to Frank Klötgen about the Ölig's real problem, about the aesthetic of ugliness, about insult of and by the audience, literary models, and the German netliterature scene.