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Jürgen Daiber: Creative Text-Image-Coexistence [German]
Jürgen Daiber's and Jochen Metzger's hypermedia work "Trost der Bilder" was one of the winners of the 1998 Pegasus-Competition. Christiane Heibach speaks to the scholar and writer of digital literature, Jürgen Daiber, about his interest in digital writing, the relation of computer literature to design, and the dangers of being democratic in the world of aesthetics.

Anja Westerfrölke: Text as Image [German]
The 'text-play' dominoa by Anja Westerfrölke and her 4 co-authors won the Marianne-von-Willemer-Award 2000. Roberto Simanowski speaks with Anja Westerfrölke about the competition, dominoa, browser-literature, Flash, and the digital literature scene in Austria.

Pedro Meyer: 'From dark room to light room' [English]
Jörn Glasenapp speaks with the pioneer of digital photography about the manipulative aspects of analog and digital imaging, Paul Strand's alleged 'purity', the weakness of photography to express an artist's meaning, the forthcoming death of analog photography and the Internet as an important distribution platform.

Stuart Moulthrop: Operations of writing [English]
Roberto Simanowski speaks with one of the classical writers of hyperfiction about his work, about space in hypertext, the author's role as a designer, the 'perils' of multimedia, "reviewing agencies" on the net and the future of new media.

Alvar C. H. Freude and Dragan Espenschied [German]
Roberto Simanowski speaks with the initiators of the very successful net-project Assoziationsblaster, and learns about its structure, its deeper meaning, the "6 word association artwork," and about Online-Demonstration, a project to rescue the freedom of the link.

Deena Larsen: Living for Hypertext [English]
Roberto Simanowski speaks with hypertext activist, Deena Larsen, about writing, promoting, and selling hypertext, the 4 labyrinths where a reader can get lost, and about her more recent work Disappearing Rain, that mingles fiction with non fiction websites.