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Netart plugged. Interview with Annette Schindler [German]
The garage time is over. Netart pices are included in traditional museums and in special places of representation. One example for the latter is the forum for New Media [plug in] in Basel. Roberto Simanowski talked to Annette Schindler about the concept of curating Netart, as well as the subjects of an Indie culture "on hold" and the options of a micro economy.

Reinhard Döhl and Johannes Auer: Stuttgarter Gruppe and Net projects [German]
Reinhard Döhl recalls the tradition of current net experiments, and Johannes Auer reveals the deconstructionism of text source fetishists (Jodi & Co) as "binary idealism". Further issues: aleatoric, terminology, visualization, collaborative authorship, the programmer's superiority to the conceptualizing artist.

Raymond Federman: From Surfiction to Hypertext [English]
He wrote - along with numerous experimental novels - the 1996 manifesto "The Real Begins Where the Spectacle Ends", he invented the new Oxford English Dictionary terms surfiction and critifiction, he is considered a precursor of hyperfictional writing, and now he states: "The problem with hyperfiction: it takes itself too seriously, it whines, it's sad, it's not funny, and worse it does not know how to be self-reflexive." Roberto Simanowski talked to Raymond Federman about contemporary aesthetics of spectacle, the concept of surfiction and critifiction, its relation to hyperfiction and realfiction, and about pla(y)garism.

M. Eskelinen and R. Koskimaa: From Spatial Hypertext to Temporally Cybertext [English]
The "conceptual weakness in average American hypertext and new media theory", the superiority of cybertext theory to hypertext theory, the traditional aesthetical preferences of incompetent scholars, the "new wave of hypertext fiction", the distinctions between narratives and games and between between digital literature and digital art. Roberto Simanowski talked with the editors of "Cybertext Yearbook 2000".

Peter Schlobinski: Internet and Education [German]
There is a huge demand and little hope that media competence will finally be taught German schools. Should schools buy the necessary know-how from free-lancers? Roberto Simanowski asked Prof. Peter Schlobinski.

Beat Suter: Hyperfiction - Theory and Praxis of a new Genres [German]
Suter is the pioneer of an academic approach to digital literature, the author of the first German dissertation on hypertext, and the only publisher of German hypertext CD-ROMs. Roberto Simanowski caught up with him and asked about terminology, archeology, history, and future of digital literature.