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Creating and Understanding Digital Art: Interview with Richard Karpen [English]
"With regard to the nature of teaching and research, we are boldly experimenting with our curriculum. I can't say I know exactly what I'm doing, but I know that we must make changes in our arts curricula and just as in the process of making art, making a new arts program will require some adventurous thinking and taking some risks." Richard Karpen is Professor of Music and Director of the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media at the University of Washington in Seattle. Roberto Simanowski talked with him about the aim of the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media and the relation between digital media and academic world.

Reconfiguring Education with Flexible Teachers: Interview with Mark Amerika [English]
"The very notion of an engaged net art practice focused on digital narrative and theory in cross-media platforms challenges our conventional assessment of what a certain kind of work or cultural production actually is. We need to reconfigure education and the pedagogical process associated with learning, especially when using new media technology in an arts and humanities context." In an earlier interview we talked with Mark Amerika about his works, about authorship, and about writing concepts on the net. Amerika has since been offered a professorship in the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Colorado.

Simon Biggs: Technology, Aura, and the Self in New Media Art [English]
Biggs' work has focused its attention to interactive installation, animation, cd-rom, the Internet and related media. He has also published numerous essays on media art. Among his digital artworks are "The Great Wall of China", "Mozaic" and "Babel". Roberto Simanowski talked with him about new media art, about concepts of technology, about the 'trap of interactivity', about aura and symbolic value in artifacts, the author's signature in "The Great Wall of China" and the self as illusion in "Babel."

Claus Pias: Computer Games [German]
Claus Pias researches on Computer Games which development and characteristics he discusses in his doctoral thesis "Computer Spiel Welten" (2000). Roberto Simanowski talked with him about media studies, aesthetics, ethics, acting concepts in computer games and their predecessors in the pre digital age.

Jim Andrews: Becoming full-time web artist [English]
He run a literary radio show and magazine, and organized venues for weekly poetry readings. Now he is creating work based in the emerging field of audio-visual poetry. Roberto Simanowski questions Jim Andrews about the relationship in his work between programming skills and conceptual concerns, his opinion about the differences between European and North American net art, and the proverbial problem of the "media melting pot" which subordinates one medium into another.

Tilman Baumgärtel: Net Art between Departure and Isolation [German]
Net art is in a time of productive chaos and incredible intensity and though has maneuvered itself into isolation. Tilman Baumgärtel, who has interviewed net artists in two books now himself answers some questions: on past, present and future time of net art, its aesthetic and sociological aspects as well as its formalism and close relation to digital literature.