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Paris Connection: Jean-Jacques Birgé [English]
"I teach too, but not many young people have enough general culture to follow. They are stuck in one musical style, as the style is nothing. The only thing that matters is to be believed. My style is philosophical and has nothing to do with fashion, that's why I could last! .... I still think we should change the world. It's running upside down." Jim Andrews interviewes Jean-Jacques Birgé

Very Nervous System: Interview with David Rokeby [English]
Rokeby likes to build off screen interfaces with the body and face - since they are more unconsciously used, less controlled, yet richer input-devices than the clearly defined, quantified and limited mouse input. His computer based "systems of inexact control" engage people in situations where the locus of control is ambiguous, hence questioning the fetish of control instigated and maintained by computers. The benefit of such practice of uncertainty: to learn how to deal with it if your neighbor does not always reply the same way when you say 'hello'.

A Book Author About Digital Writing: Interview with Noel Baker [English]
Noel Baker is the author of the best selling Hard Core Roadshow: A Screenwriter's Diary, a book about the shift from book to film script. Noel has also been interested in interactive fiction. He served as a consultant in seminars on interactive fiction. Roberto Simanowski asked him why he himself never wrote an interactive fiction, what he thinks about the readers' relationship to linearity and disorder, about his desire to translate a book into a new media work, and about the financial and technological limitations in digital writing.

Cultural Impact: Interview with Gerfried Stocker [German]
Gerfried Stocker is a media artist and musician, manager of the Ars Electronica Center and artistic director of the Ars Electronica Festival. Ursula Hentschläger and Zelko Wiener talked with him about netart-festivals, the future of netart as well as the relation of netart to science and commerce.

Oil Painting with Crayons: Interview with Zeitgenossen [German]
Are the Web and Internet two different media as the poodle and German shepherd are two different types of dog? What is the difference between Webfiction and Webart? Is there a digital revival of l'art pour l'art? How do net artists cope with the short half-life of their art? Roberto Simanowski asked the Zeitgenossen, Ursula Hentschläger and Zelko Wiener, who interviewed 21 net activists for their book Webfictions

Media Studies and Curricula: Interview with Georg Christoph Tholen [German]
Finding criteria to determine digital literature and broaden our cultural canon needs to pair proven ways of literature analysis with methods gained from current media studies. Prof. Dr. Georg Christoph Tholen was appointed as chair of the Institute for Media Studies of the University of Basel in 2001. Roberto Simanowski asked him about the main aspects of current media studies and their practice in Basel.