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Digital Literature. Interview with Noah Wardrip-Fruin [English]
Noah Wardrip-Fruin has made himself a name as an author (Impermanence Agent, Talking Cure, Screen) and a scholar (New Media Reader, First Person) of digital literature and new media studies. Roberto Simanowski talked with him about disappearing, instrumental, fixed, and responsive text, about text-games, word pictures, critical technical practices, and the future of digital literature.

Paris Connection: Servovalve [English]
"Our common point is the use of a tool, Director, for its exploration possibilities... similarities stop here... everybody can express his own sensitivity... and happily, we're not using this tool/instrument in the same way... a trash-metal guitarist, or a country guitarist are both using a guitar... we're building our instrument, and we're playing with it... sometimes we share it." Jim Andrews interviewes Servovalve

Paris Connection: Antoine Schmitt [English]
"I stand at the crossing of a practice (programming) and an artistic quest, mostly humanist. I use programming as matter that I mold to create what we call 'plastic' art in French, that is, mainly objects or situations. My main concern is 'the tension between what is going to happen', and programming is a unique way of exploring this field. In the case of Avec determination, the tension is between the desire to stand up and the difficulties in doing so, which is both metaphorical and desperately physical." Jim Andrews interviewes Antoine Schmitt

Paris Connection: Jean-Luc Lamarque [English]
"When I created the Pianographique in 1992, I was very influenced by Dada, surrealists, collage techniques and experimental movie makers like Oscar Fischinger who worked on the synesthetic relation of sound and image." Jim Andrews interviewes Jean-Luc Lamarque

Paris Connection: Frédéric Durieu [English]
"The aim of all this is to create poetry. So, I like to speak about algorithmic poetry. A poem is a text that procures you poetry if you read it. The code I'm trying to write is a text that procures you poetry if a computer reads it for you." Jim Andrews interviewes Frédéric Durieu

Paris Connection: Nicolas Clauss [English]
"In 1999 I came back from overseas after a trip of 6 years (from India to Korea and Australia), I had a few show sin France then and decided to see what was possible with computers. Then I saw in an exhibition the cdrom Alphabet, I was amazed, I asked around me and someone told me it was done with a software call Director. I got the software and started working on it like crazy for 3 months. ... My aspiration is to experiment with the space between video, interactivity and painting and I find it very exciting." Jim Andrews interviewes Nicolas Clauss