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Faster Moves [German]
The WWW is a medium for both information transfer and making moves: "They chat me up for my attention, my money, my political participation, my sympathy, and my shaking leg. However, once it became concrete I am only one of thousand other undisclosed recipients! ..." Raphael Rogenmoser on digital search for partnership.

surf > sample > love [German]
Do you know Alice? Annette? Cara? Do you want to meet Brian, Barry or Jabberwacky? There is one thing all the called have in common: They are Bots - software, which moves through data realms like the Web. They are able to write, flirt and communicate. Are they able to love? Adi Blum dwells on these questions in his little Turing test of love.

Online-Project "shrink to fit": Net Art and Theory Commissioned by Xcult.org [German/English]
10 artists were asked to produce net art (which does not demand more than 3 - 5 minutes of the viewer’s attention). 10 theorist were asked to write a text about it (which does not exceed 2500 characters in length). From August 2001 till May 2002 each month, a new sub-project and the accompanying text had been thrown open in "shrink to fit". dichtung-digital mirrors in cooperation with Xcult.org the finished project.