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Die Aaleskorte der Ölig by Dirk Günther and Frank Klötgen [German]
Roberto Simanowski discovers in Dirk Günter's and Frank Klötken's "Die Aaleskorte der Ölig" (Pegasus-Pricewinner 1998) the hidden sense beneath banality. Simanowski explores the sexual connotations behind the story of selling an eel, presented in the aesthetics of uglyness. The excess of ways to navigate these 20 word-picture-units (6.9 billion) is revealed as an ironic discurse about the media itself and a hidden apotheosis of linear story telling.
Abstract // www.dichtung-digital.de/Simanowski/18-Aug-99

Twilight, a Symphony by Michael Joyce [English]
Susana Pajares Tosca, editor of the Spanish online-journal "Hipertulia" reviews Michael Joyce's "Twilight, a Symphony" and points out the splendid language and structure of this multimedia hyperfiction, which is telling a story about an American, who hides with his son (his mother has the custody), and a Polish political refugee, incurably ill and looking for Doctor Twilight, who practises euthanasia. "Upon this basic structure, Joyce builds an impressive scaffolding made up of voices,memories and thoughts that tells us about the eternal human themes, death and the search for the self."

Beast by Jacques Servin [German]
Christiane Heibachs review suggests to commit oneself patiently to this demonic multimedia project, in order to see beyond the chaos, ways to react and influence this horrible overloading.
Abstract // www.dichtung-digital.de/Heibach/17-Juni-99/beast.htm

Web Diaries in Europe and Amerika [German]
An essay by Roberto Simanowski about web-diaries in Europe and America, about the exhibitionist, commercial, and opposional aspects of this deliberate exposure to the Big Brother's eyes. Spanish readers may look for the Spanish translation in
Abstract // www.dichtung-digital.de/Simanowski/10-Juli-99/brief_03.htm

Zeit für die Bombe by Susanne Berkenheger [German]
Roberto Simanowski's review on Susanne Berkenhegers "Zeit für die Bombe" (Pegasus-Pricewinner 1997) introduces this fanny hyperfiction, where Veronika brings a bomb to Moscow, where Vladimir wants to rescue the Russian soul. The review describes Berkenheger's refreshing play with the reader, who is first forced into the role of a murderer, but then remains unpunished.
Abstract // www.dichtung-digital.de/Simanowski/2-Juli-99/brief1_0_x.htm