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Digital Troja by Fevzi Konuk [German]
Roberto Simanowski explores the deep meaning and comic effects of animated pictures in this prizewinner of the '98 "net_award" (sponsored by the Saarländer Stadtwerke). The review discusses the impressive transformation of an image into a sculpture of Paris, that at one moment looks like Cary Grant and at another like Discobolus, considers the distortions produced by word, image, and sound, and examines how the submerged image of a corpse reveals that the author is not interested in serious discussion.
Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/Simanowski/10-Nov-99

Assoziations-Blaster by Alvar Freude and Dragan Espenschied [German]
Roberto Simanowski reviews this interactive writingproject (prizewinner of the '99 Ettlingen net-literature competition) reports one reader's experience with this piece of collaborative writing and examines the following issues: the fetishism of association as a competitive principle in the information age; an analogy between this writing project and Jean Paul's idea of an all-embracing wit; the association of words as an association of authors.
Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/Simanowski/27-Okt-99

Grammatron by Mark Amerika [German]
Karin Wenz discusses Amerika's irononical approach to links, and explains, wy this piece reminds on an American writing course.

Trost der Bilder by Jürgen Daiber and Jochen Metzger [German]
Essay by Roberto Simanowski about Jürgen Daiber's and Jochen Metzger's "Trost der Bilder" (Pegasus-Pricewinner 1998), which shows that this piece inhabits some well done alliances between word and animated pictures although the whole fails as a concept.
Abstract // www.dichtung-digital.de/Simanowski/1-Sept-99

PHON:E:ME by Mark Amerikas [German]
Christiane Heibach discusses Amerika's attempt to turn an aesthetical theory into a piece of art, and takes his failure as a warning not to employ excessive self-reference in the field of netart.
Abstract // www.dichtung-digital.de/Heibach/23-Aug-99/Heibach_Phoneme.htm