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23:40 by Guido Grigat [German]
Guido Grigat's "23:40" - a collaborativ writing project, that collects stories about, from, and for every minute of an abstract day, which only can bee seen on the net in that particular minute.

Generationenprojekt by Jan Ulrich Hasecke [German]
Jan Ulrich Hasecke's "Generationenprojekt" - a collaborativ writing project, that collects stories about private experiences in 1950-99.

Quibbling by Carolyn Guyer [English]
Bernd Wingert's report on a reading experiment that performed three reading tasks regarding Carolyn Guyer's hyperfiction: compiling the narrative by reading, capturing certain phenomena and peculiarities in the reception process, and deciphering the effects of "technology." Three different kinds of reading (by subject; by traversing; by assembling) were performed and are described in this article.
Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/Autoren/Wingert/24-Dez-99

Mass Transit by Freedom Baird [German]
A short illustrated Hyperfiction about an afternoon in Manhattan.

Solitaire [German]
A mixture of the solitary card game and the party game in which everybody adds a line to a story.