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Das Epos der Maschine by Urs Schreiber [German]
This telescopic hypertext has been widely praised for its impressive technical and graphical design. Roberto Simanowski explores the fourfold syntax - text, space, time, interaction - and discusses to what extent the aesthetics of spectacle (mis)use the text as the effect of its appearance.

Das Mädchen mit dem Flammenwerfer by Staffel, Wieser & Porombka [German]
From Tim Staffel's text "Das Mädchen mit dem Flammenwerfer" a team of three people has created an ambitious multimedia project about the pyromaniac Tank-Girl. The story line was not sacrificed to the pathos of emancipation and/or to the dogma of interactivity. However, the spectacle of images has the same weight as the necessity of imagination in traditional text. It is an example for how a piece can be translated into an other medium, following that media's rules without submitting totally to them.

Dominoa [German]
Roberto Simanowski investigates the prize winner of the Marianne-von-Willemer-Competition for literature by women on the Net. Whereas this project at the first look seems to degrade text to a ball in a card game, at the second look it seems to be a clever temptation to read. However, at the third look it still leaves a lot of questions open.
Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/2000/Simanowski/11-Juli

Hilfe! by Susanne Berkenheger [German]
Roberto Simanowski explores Berkenheger's new text labyrinth which presents its characters in different Java Windows and turns the screen into a stage. This graphical choreography of text is an amazing version of 'kinetic poetry'. However, one wonders why the man character continues to change her/his gender and what the deeper meaning of this piece is.
Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/2000/Simanowski/29-Feb

Beim Bäcker [German]
Roberto Simanowski introduces the German "Veteran" of collaborative writings "In the bakery". He investigates the relationship among the authors of this erotic story and presents some characteristics of collaborative writing projects such as the occupation or negation of the predecessor's contribution and the egoism behind the 'collaboration'.
Abstract // http.//www.dichtung-digital.de/2000/Simanowski/15-Feb