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Chat-Theater by Tilman Sack [German]
How can the Internet be brought onto the stage? Which Internet and how much of it? Tilman Sack, theater activist and passionate chatter, has an answer. He directs on two types of stages: 1. in the chat, where his authors hook up with the usual passengers, 2. in the theater, where he presents the results of a long cutting and rearranging process. Not a documentary, but still authentic, thinks Roberto Simanowski.

Geoff Ryman's Subway-Novel "253" [German]
Seven Cars, a Crash and half a hypertext: Geoff Ryman's story was born in the Internet but works as a book as well-- it doesn't really want to be a hypertext. 253 passengers on 253 pages each with 253 words. The interesting puzzle of London within a subway, which is brutally stopped when the driver falls asleep.

Tele-phony by Lance Shields [German]
The subtitle promises media critics: "An adventure over great distance using high technology!" And indeed, it was never this complicated to telephone. All the hiss and the odd reception! Shild conveys his message with a perfect text-image-sound-installation; through the Internet, over great distance, using high technology - he almost missed the mistake he needs.

My Pixel-Self [German]
The winner of the Arte Liter@ture CompetitionTagebau is a multi-author web diary which aims to understand identity online. The discussion will be published as a book. Roberto Simanowski looks closely at this discussion for some introducing words.

Net-Project NULL by Thomas Hettche [German]
From the first to the last day of 1999, various authors delivered highly individual stories on different topics, which were then linked in different ways. Traditional media misunderstood this project again and again as the example of netliterature, as did the project itself, which now is released as book. Nevertheless, NULL (English: Zero) is an important example of literature in the net and can indeed help netliterature to "shed its baby teeth." Roberto Simanowksi takes a closer look