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My boyfriend came back from the war by Olia Lialina [German]
Olia Lialina's "My boyfriend came back from the war" (1996) is a piece of digital literature that has enjoyed remarkable success. In contrast to other hyperfictions this example works in a way one never would have expected from links. Is that because the story is so short? Or because of the links set in vertical and horizontal way? Or because Lialina's English is simply narrated?

Bodybuilding-Installation by Frank Fietzek [German]
The disappearing second hand always has been a topic in discussing how people deal with media. In old copperplate engravings one can see this hand deep in the lap, whereas the other holds the book. Now, Frank Fietzek creates a very new setting of medium and hands, where the medium calls the hands up in the air and bases sex on sport.

Things Spoken by Agnes Hegedüs [German]
Agnes Hegedüs presents all the things to which she attaches her memory and lets us read and hear about them. And since one is connected to the other, there are links to click. And since things do not speak but are always spoken by individuals, there are Hegedüs' friends who can say and write what they think about theses things.

Verbarium by Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau [German]
Did you always want to know what the word >springs< or >civil war< looks like as an image? In Verbarium you will see. Just type in your word and see what figure comes up, and it will be added to the ones people have tried before you. A very special collaborative writing project. As one soon realizes, one that makes you very lonely.

Same Day Test by Gavin Inglis [German]
Gavin Inglis' Same Day Test could have been an ideal hypertext. The protagonist has an appointment for an HIV test; however, he can stop off in the pub or in a museum on his way. But time is running! And interesting situation - to bad the text doesn't change with the decisions, although each link guides to its own file.