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Competition Literatur.digital 2001: Short Reviews on 9 Contributions [German]
Introducing and commenting on prizewinners and contributors to preselection.

Untitled by Squid S o u p [German]
A navigation able 3-D-Environment, walls constructed out of letters, which one can walk through. A sound loop, from time to time some men mutter something about generic drugs. If you click the walls letters appear, making sound. Squid S o u p wants to convey "A feeling of being somewhere". A intriguing example of the aesthetics of the sensual.

Redridinghood by Donna Leishman [German]
Leishman's rendition of Red Riding Hood is inundated with hybridizations of the traditional fairy-tale narrative: the wolf pre-existing as a picture in her diary, as a dealer at the "flesh market", an angel which does not stop to rescue her. However, once she has eaten the wolf she is pregnant with herself. Redridinghood from a feminist perspective? From the perspective of Flash rhetoric, in any case An impressive piece that doesn't lack taci elements.

I concrete myself in a oscillating world by Frank Richter [German]
Richter's answer to the question "Who am I today? What will we do tomorrow?" is a self portrait manipulated by Flash, JavaScripts and dynamic layers. This leads to interesting effects in deconstructive photo-philosophy. If she could program, Cindy Sherman would have done things like this. However, she would have avoided the repetitions and would have better merged photography and text, argues Roberto Simanowski.

These Waves of Girls by Caitlin Fisher [German]
The ELO Award 2001 goes to Caitlin Fisher's hyperfiction These Waves of Girls. Why did the jury give the award to this brave narrative project instead of other contributions set up much more radically within the means of digital media? Was it the multimedial packing? Was it the suit of memorizing appropriate to hyperstructure? Was it the sexy topic of lesbian identity? Roberto Simanowski introduces the piece and adds some general thoughts on the semantics of linkage, text-image-relation, and aspects of design.

Web/Fiction/Design - a brief beta-testt [German/English]
The piece loads too slowly, uses outdated technology, has sloppy programming, shows the design of an optical overkill, and the treatment of its topic utterly ignores its predecessors and the genuine features of hypertext it could have employed. Anja Rau's critique is well informed regarding both technique and content.