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Wiggles - a strategy adventure game [German]
The categories of "uncertain space", which originates in film science and "cyclic time" are very typical for strategy games. Karin Wenz analyzes the strategy adventure Wiggles in respect to these typical categories of space and time. The cyclic experience of time can be lead back to loops typical for computer programming and appears in the game itself as recursions.
Comments by Wiggles-Programer Axel Hylla

Nudes by Thomas Ruff [German]
Pornographic Ready-mades from the Internet, manipulated with image programs, exhibited in art galleries. With his collection "Nudes" Thomas Ruff undertakes a new approach to photography of the nude by basing it twice on digital media. The result still reveals its blurred source and operates on the tension between showing and masking. At the same time Ruff changes the hierarchy of gazing: the exposed body watches the voyeur who finally becomes the target of observation. Photographer without Camera. Net Pornography as Art.

Yatoo by Zeitgenossen [German]
Yatoo (You Are The Only One) is an audio-visual Hypertext, a love poem, that reveals its text via mouse contact. The sound is accompanied by visual events, the semantic meaning may please even skeptics. Ursula Hentschläger and Zelko Wiener have produced an intriguing work of digital art.

We Descend by Bill Bly [English]
Is Jan Van Looy's paper "23 reasons not to read We Descend" really equipped to make him any friends in the hypertext department? It all depends on how much sense for criticism (and humor) there has developed yet. Looy's comment on Bill Bly's We Descend is deliberately merciless, antagonistic, and overdrawn as some sentences already prove:
-Claiming that hypertext is a realisation of Derrida's Grammatologie is wishful thinking.
-We Descend sounds like the last thirty pages of a cheap detective novel.
-If a plot should be a Swiss watch, We Descend's is Egyptian counterfeit.
Questionable in some regard, this provocative comment provokes comments. Looking for this we post it here.
Comments by Jill Walker and Jan Van Looy

Fighting/Dancing Words in Works by Jim Andrews [German/English]
The poem that has drifted from the scene, the computer game that shuts up poetry in the name of poetry, the A Capella as hypertext and "lettristic dance" ... Andrew's kinetic-concrete, audio-visual poetry is an ironic approach to the materiality of text ; providing both visual and cognitive pleasure. And as dessert:  The metamorphosis of the beast.