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Fluchtlinie. Zur Geschichte deutschsprachiger Hyperfiction by Beat Suter [German]
Beat Suter traces the history of German hyperfiction. He evaluates the German Internet pioneers, looks back at some symposia and conferences, and provides a behind the scenes look at the Pegasus Wettbewerbe. It's a who's who and what's what of German hyperfiction.
>>>Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/Autoren/Suter/26-Nov-99

Literatur in der Informationsgesellschaft by Friedrich W. Block [German]
Friedrich W. Block questions whether books will survive the advance of digital media, uncovers the print origins of the aesthetics of such digital media as hyperfiction and New Media Poetry, and examines how these new media may serve aesthetic aims
>>>Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/Autoren/Block/30-Okt-99

Perspektiven einer Ästhetik der digitalen Literatur by Roberto Simanowski [German]
This essay is a theoretical approach to an aesthetics of digital literature by Roberto Simanowski. It presents a typology of digital literature, distinguishes between connotative and combinatoric openness with reference to Umberto Eco, discusses the references to postmodern and poststructural theory in the hypertext discourse, and applies criteria for an aesthetics of digital literature to several examples.
>>>Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/Simanowski/5-Okt-99

Cybertextspace. Raummetaphern und Raumstruktur im Hypertext by Karin Wenz [German/English]
Karin Wenz describes the importance of space as memory (mnemonic concept), text (navigational space), and cognition (diskursive and narrative space).
>>>Abstract // www.dichtung-digital.de/Wenz/30-Juni-99-C/Wenz_Cybertextspace.htm
engl. Version // www.dichtung-digital.de /Wenz/30-Juni-99-C/english/contents.html

Narrativität in Computerspielen by Karin Wenz [German]
Karin Wenz investigates the function of intertextuality and mise en abîme in narration in "Myst" and suggests tu use an additional time criterion of instantan point to point linkage to describe digital media.
>>>Abstract // www.dichtung-digital.de/Wenz/30-Juni-99-N/intro.htm

Towards an Aesthetics of Digital Literature by Roberto Simanowski [English]
A prefaces giving a first impression of the topic, defining and typologizing the field of digital literature and explaning the methodology and theory of the approach of dichtung-digital to appreciation and evaluation of digital literature