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"Was hat man dir du armes Kind, getan'' Über Literatur aus dem Rechner by Peter Gendolla [German]
Peter Gendolla talks about poetic machines and their semantics of accident, which is actually a semantics of freedom from order and meaning. He illustrates through Goethe's famous poem "Mignon" how well-grounded poetry differs from cheeky deconstructions such as Markoff-Chains.
>>>Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/2000/Gendolla/21-Jan

McDonald's of Education Oder: Technologie einer konstruktivistischen Weltsicht? by Roberto Simanowski [German]
Simanowski analyzes the American discussion concerning hypertext and education and investigates the multi-linear structure of hypertext as a contribution to a constructivist pedagogy. Drawing attention to hypertext precursor Jean Paul's theory of education, he shows how various hypertext projects have been integrated into educational settings and demonstrates the use of a simple website in the classroom.
>>>Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/2000/Simanowski/10-Jan

Die Ordnung des Erinnerns. Kollektives Gedächtnis und digitale Präsentation by Roberto Simanowski [German]
Simanowski deals with internet and memory, data-darwinism, and data-manipulation, introduces two collaborative writing projects ("Generationenprojekt" and "23:40" - look at the presentation in the section "text-image-net-projects"), and argues that the aim of collective memory writing projects is to forget.
>>>Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/Simanowski/30-Dez-99

Himmel & Hölle. Cyberspace - Realität im 21. Jahrhundert by Roberto Simanowski [German]
This essay takes a look into the future and discusses the pros and cons of Virtual Reality, as concerning visualisation, cybersex, multiple identity, simulation ... An excurse into the debate surrounding mass-literature in 18th century as well as the introduction of film reveals the continuity of admonition in media discourses. An excurse into Pascal and the early Romantics reveals the continuity and anthropological rationale of the desire for entertainment.
>>>Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/Simanowski/18-Dez-99

Kritische Ergänzungen zur Diskussion um das Genre literarischer Hypertexte by Philipp Löser [German]
Philipp Loeser explains why hypertext tends towards self-referentiality and tends towards utopian thinking, examines why hypertext is ahistorical, apolitical, and a social menace, and shows that it is a fallacy to think that hypertext's non-linearity somehow liberates the reader. This clever presentation invites your critical response.
>>>Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/Autoren/Loeser/30-Nov-99