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Theater und Internet: Überlegungen zu einem Konzept "Chattheater" by Tilman Sack [German]
Tilman Sack examines the relationship between theater and the Internet and wonders if the Chat can replace the script traditionally written by a playwright.

Internet und Inszenierung by Mike Sandbothe [German]

Playing for the Plot: Blade Runner as Paradigm of the Graphic Adventure Game by Susana Pajares Tosca [English]
Adventure games form a genre of their own, and are direct descendants of the first text-based adventures that inaugurated digital narrative. These games present a new challenge to literary studies, as their acknowledged aim is to let the user "live" a story. Susanna Pajares Tosca, winner of the Hypertext 2000 Conference Newcomer Award, uses one of such game, Blade Runner, to explore the relationship between adventure games and narrative, and to see how the genre could evolve towards a more participatory exchange between the reader and the text.
>>>Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/2000/Tosca-31-Mai

Texttransformation – Lesertransformation by Christiane Heibach [German]
Christiane Heibach investigates the potential of the digital media to transform, generate and deconstruct writing. She discusses how text is freed from the burden of making sense towards a game, an event, which offers ephemeral entertainment instead of deep and serious thoughts.
>>>Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/2000/Heibach/30-Mai

Immersion and Interactivity in Hypertext by Marie-Laure Ryan [English]
Preview of chapter 8 of Marie-Laure Ryan's "Narrative as Virtual Reality". Ryan discusses three types of immersion (temporal, spatial, emotional), adresses the relation between hypertext and postmodernism, talks about the author's unreasonable demands on the reader, takes a look into the future of interactive textuality as conceptual art, and expects hypertext to have the same marginal impact in the history of narratives as 12-tone scale had in the history of music.

German Digital Literature: An Introduction by Roberto Simanowski [English]
In this expanded version of a talk Roberto Simanowski introduces digital literature, presents German examples of certain types of digital literature - collaborative writing, hypertext, hypermedia -, and discusses how these pieces exploit the technology of the medium to tell a story.
>>>Abstract // http://www.dichtung-digital.de/2000/Simanowski/27-Feb