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Innovation or Triviality by Friedrich W. Block [German]
Block discusses two myths - 1. digital poetry is something totally new, 2. the digital media fulfill the poetics of the modern avant-garde - and explores the aesthetic pay off of 'translating' Okopenko's 'dictionary novel' in hypermedia.

Depths of Electronic Text Archives von Markus Krajewski [German]
Krajewski investigates the status and the conditions of production of digital literature and discusses Walter Kempowski's "Echolot"-Project, examing to what extend literary projects are digital literature, if they are finally published as book but written with the genuine features of digital media.

Chatting and Clicking by Uwe Wirth [German]
Referencing to the poetics of letter novels and the practice of telephone Wirth develops a poetics of chats, which makes the "written to the moment" of letter novels visible.

Combinatorial Poetry and Network-Literature by Florian Cramer [German]
Cramer presents examples of combinatorial poetry and suggests "technical poetics" of digital netliterature. This poetics should be previous to "digital aesthetics" and should not focus on such keyword as "hypertext", "multimedia" and "cyberspace" but on the conditions of coding netliterature.

New Literary Environment by Beat Suter [German]
Suter discusses transfugality and transversality as two essential characteristics of Hyperfiction.

"Ut pictura poesis" - or: Ars poetica für Hyperfiction by Jürgen Daiber [German]
Daiber questions the oft-repeated praise of non linearity and reminds that linear narration answers to anthropologic expectations. His advice to hyperfiction writers: multimediality rather than interactivity, linearity rather than chaotic navigation.