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Aesthetics of Lying. Faked Websites and Hoaxes by Roberto Simanowski [German]
While in the literature the end of the apolitical and self-centered pop culture has been declared, on the net a kind of polit-pop has been developing, which does good things with bad means: faked websites, where disinformation is spread, and artists pretend to be representatives of important political institutions. Swindle for the sake of enlightenment, media competence, and teaching people to be suspicious. It all starts by ordering the right URL.

Writing With the Code - a Digital Poetics by Søren Pold [English]
The reader as object to object oriented programming, which reads her reading. Old techniques in commercial websites can be used in digital narration as well. Pold talks about a poetics of objects and their interaction, and about the things behind links and interface (Etoy's Hijacking, Jodi's deconstructive browser). His conclusion: digital literature aims at interpretation and revealing of the code, as "a critical investigation into the computer".

Discourse Timer by Markku Eskelinen and Raine Koskimaa [English]
From spatial hypertext to temporal cybertext - towards a new poetics of digital narration. Eskelinen and Koskimaa go beyond the classical concept of linkage and develop a rhetoric of TDHTML (temporally dynamic HTML). This article outlines a list of simple functions that allow a very complex temporal manipulation of narrative digital texts and describes a set of authoring tools, Discourse Timer, which is specifically designed to employ these functions.

Digital Literature - an Introduction by Roberto Simanowski [German]
A new competition for digital literature has been announced. Two important representatives of the old and the new medium - DTV and T-Online - are awarding prizes for the best contributions. Roberto Simanowski takes the opportunity to provide short answers to questions raised by such an event: terminology, definitions, characteristics, typology or criteria for evaluation.

Literary Hypertext. The Passing of the Golden Age by Robert Coover [German]
Still so unknown and already over? "In terms of new serious literature, the Web has not been very hospitable. It tends to be a noisy, restless, opportunistic, superficial, e-commerce-driven, chaotic realm, dominated by hacks, pitchmen, and pretenders, in which the quiet voice of literature cannot easily be heard or, if heard by chance, attended to for more than a moment or two. Literature is meditative and the Net is riven by ceaseless
hype and chatter." Robert Coover's important essay now in German translation.

The Hidden Text: Aspects of Digital Images von Roberto Simanowski [Deutsch]
How does the hidden text in the html-source and image-files affect the image's appearance and meaning? What is this text's role within the primary and secondary signification? How is one to develop a hermeneutic of hidden text and its included interaction? Simanowski approaches these question from within the context of Schreibers Epos of the Machine and Huppert's image animations.