This section provides contributions by students on Net projects or theoretical issues.
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Interactivity as Aspect of Modern Aesthetics [German]
How to distinguish between real and feigned interactivity? What meaning does the overused term actually have? What are the criteria of interactivity? Elivira Barriga derives the term from social science, examines its ideological function in concepts of avant-garde art and discusses various technical based ways of participation in media art.

www.cafe-nirvana.com. Olivia Adler's Net-Project Cafe Nirvana
"Cafe-Nirvana" - a website net, a "novel" one can enter. Nicole Alef describes her reading tour, discusses Olivia's influence on the appareance of this site-net, and draws a line from the characteristic e-mail and Chat to comparable forms of communication in the history of literary salons.