The first German prize for digital literature was awarded in 1996, and a call for intelligent and accurate literary criticism was made by Softmoderne Online in the spring of 1997. But we still lack a thoughtful and thorough consideration of what happens and what could happen in digital literature. We need to go beyond fancy-sounding statements and make time for a discussion that takes its time. We are readers! We know that there are bad texts out there and we think digital literature isn't beyond good and evil. Our mission is to carefully observe the field of digital literature. Our means are reviews and articles that don't shy away from long sentences or long thoughts.


dichtung digital is designed to contribute to an aesthetics of digital literature. Therefore, reviews aim to be precise and thorough analyses. They will listen to the intrinsic aesthetic logic of their subject as well as establish and use general criteria for the consideration and evaluation of digital literature. The method of criticism follows Johann Gottfried Herder's notion of thinking with and in place of the author. Thus there will also occasionally be suggestions as to how the text under discussion could have been better written or why it perhaps shouldn't have been written at all.

Cambridge, MA, May 1999