dichtung-digital.de is a journal for reviews and scholarship about digital literature and art (Concept).
It was founded in June 1999. The magazine features contributions in both German and English (
all English contributions). The magazine can be browsed in chronological or topological order (Sitemap):

Concept, Editor, and Webdesigner:

Roberto Simanowski


Roberto /at/ Simanowski [.] info

Guest Editors:

Dr. Beat Suter (2/2002); 
Dr. Uwe Wirt and Dr. Karin Wenz (6/2002)
Dr. Loss Pequeño Glazier (3/2003)
Marrku Eskelinen (4/2003)
Laura Borràs Castanyer (3/2004)
Peter Gendolla and Jörgen Schäfer (1/2005)
Astrid Ensslin and Alice Bell (1/2007)


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