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Teaching Digital Literature. Didactic and Institutional Aspects
by Roberto Simanowski

Watching the Game: Video Games as a Function of Performance and Spectatorship
by Kris Ligman


Framing Locative Consciousness
by Francisco Ricardo

Toward a Cross-Modal Comparative Literature
by John Zuern:


The significance of navigation and interactivity design for readers’ responses to interactive narrative
by James Pope

Encapsulating E-Poetry 2009. Some views on contemporary digital poetry
by Chis Funkhouser:




What is and to What End Do We Read Digital Literature?
by Roberto Simanowski

The Scope for a Reader. The Poetry of Text Generators
by Chris Funkhouser

The Art of Poetry Machines
by Peter Gendolla


Distributed Cognition in/at Work: Strickland, Lawson, and Ryan's slippingglimpse
by N. Katherin Hayles

On Genre Theory and Popular Arts
by Fotis Jannidis

List(en)ing Post
by Rita Raley


Reading the Discursive Spaces of Text Rain
by Francisco Ricardo

Looking Behind the Façade. Playing and Performing an Interactive Drama
by Jörgen Schäfer

Four Statements on Digital Literature
a survey




Hypertext in Context: Space and Time in Latin American Hypertext and Hypermedia Fictions
by Thea Pitman

Canons and Fanons: Literary Fanfiction Online
by Bronwen Thomas

Internet Detectives: Performativity and Policing Authenticity on the Internet
by Robin Stoate


Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries's Nippon and the Aesthetic of Compilation
by Jessica Pressman

Combat to Conversation: Towards a Theoretical Foundation for the Study of Games
by Matthew S. S. Johnson

"Play, Memory": Shadow of the Colossus and Cognitive Workouts
by David Ciccoricco


Illusory Agency in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
by Esther MacCallum-Stewart and Justin Parsler

Claiming Its Space: Machinima
by Michael Nitsche




Useless Programs, Useful Programmers, and the production of Social Interactive Artworks
Interview with Scott Snibbe

Scott Snibbe's Deep Walls. A Close Reading
by Roberto Simanowski

Hypermedia and the Question of Canonicity
Astrid Ensslin


Camille Utterback's Series External Measures
by Lisa Dorin

Digital Art as Social Sculpture and Musical Score
Interview with Richard Rinehart

Code.surface || Code.depth
Rita Raley


Computer Games as Narrative: The Ludology versus Narrativism Controversy
by Marie-Laure Ryan

Event-Sequences, Plots and Narration in Computer Games
by Fotis Jannidis




Art Games as Genre. An Introduction
by Kristien Ploug

Generating Art from a Computer Game
Interview with Alison Mealey

Narrative and the Split Condition of Digital Textuality
by Marie-Laure Ryan

Code, Cod, Ode: Poetic Language & Programming
by Loss Pequeño Glazier

Writing on Complex Surfaces
by John Cayley'

Experiencing John Cayley's RiverIsland
by Maria Engberg


E-Learning and Literary Studies. Towards a New Culture of Teaching?
by Laura Borràs Castanyer

The Problematic Of Form. Transitoire Observable: A Laboratory For Emergent Programmed Art
by Philippe Bootz

The Art of Mapping Statistics
Interview with George Legrady

Reconsidering Database Form: Input, Structure, Mapping
by Matthew LeMay

Intercultural medium literature digital


Principles and Processes of Generative Literature
by Jean-Pierre Balpe

Stuart Moulthrop's Hegirascope 2, "the most typical hypernovel"
by Shuen-shing Lee

Talan Memmott's "Lexia to Perplexia"
by Thomas Dreher

Nicolas Clauss' artistic-cultural project Art if I want
by Laura Borràs Castanyer'

Playable Media and Textual Instruments
by Noah Wardrip-Fruin




The challenge of cybertext theory and ludology to literary theory
by Markku Eskelinen [2/2004]

Cinematography and Ludology
by Bo Kampmann Walther [1/2004]

Concrete Poetry in Digital Media
by Roberto Simanowski [2/2004]

Cyberspace, Cybertexts, Cybermaps
by Marie-Laure Ryan [1/2004]

Digital Literature. Interview with Noah Wardrip-Fruin [2/2004]

Digital Literature and Theoretical Approaches
by Laura Borràs Castanyer [2/2004]


Evaluating quality in hypermedia
by George Landow [2/2004]

"First Person. New Media as Story, Performance, and Game"
by Julian Kücklich [2/2004]

The Frontiers between Digital Literature and Net.art
by Joan Campàs [2/2004]

The Making of "The Famous Sound of Absolute Wreaders"
by Beat Suter [1/2004]


Overboard. An Example of Ambient Time-Based Poetics in digital art
by John Cayley [2/2004]

Bill Seamans "Exchange Fields"
by Roberto Simanowski [2/2004]

"A Tale in the Desert"
by Adam Kenney [1/2004]

These waves of memories. A hyperfiction by Caitlin Fisher
by Raine Koskimaa [2/2004]




Four Axes of Rhetorical Convergence
by Anders Fagerjord (Oct)

Moving text in Avantgarde Poetry
byTeemu Ikonen (Oct)

Machine Produced Subjects in Swedish prose fiction
by Jonas Ingvarsson (Oct)

The Elements of Simulation in Digital Games
by Äkin Jarvinen (Oct)

Paradigms of interaction. Conceptions and misconceptions of the field today
by Lisbeth Klastrup (Oct)

Is There a Place for Digital Literature in the Information Society?
by Raine Koskimaa (Oct)

The Geography of a Non-place
by Torill Mortensen (Oct)

Writing Through the Data Banks: Notes on Poetry and Technology in the Swedish 1960s
by Jesper Olsson (Oct)

Defining a Tubmud Ludology
by Ragnhild Tronstad (Oct)

21c - GAME MODS. Reverse Engineering Super Mario Brothers
by Cory Arcangel (BEIGE) [July]

by Marc Böhlen [July]

Inner Workings
by John Cayley [July]


Conflicting Organizational Designs
by Alex Galloway [July]

Poetics of Dynamic Text
by Loss Pequeño Glazier [July]

Coding the Infome. Writing Abstract Reality
by Lisa Jevbratt [July]

Media, Software, and Meta-media
by Lev Manovich [July]

Semiotic Considerations in an Artificial Intelligence-Based Art Practice
by David Rokeby [July]

Word For Word. Encoding, Networking, and Intention
by Jonathan Minton [July]

The "Embedded World" of Artificial Intelligence
by Phoebe Sengers [July]

A Book Author About Digital Writing: Interview mit Noel Baker
[Feb. 14]

Matter of Time. Toward a Materialist Semiotics of Web Animation
by John Zuern [Feb. 14]

Vannevar Bush, Weblogs and the Google Galaxy
by Dennis G. Jerz [Feb. 17]

When Hypertext became uncool Notes on Power, Politics, and the Interface
by Henning Ziegler [Jan. 31]


Loss Pequeño Glazier's "Digital Poetics. The Making of E-Poetries"
by Janez Strehovec [Jan. 24]

Very Nervous System and the Benefit of Inexact Control: Interview with David Rokeby
[Jan. 24]

Paris Connection [March 03]
-Introduction by:

Jim Andrews,
Regina Célina Pinto,
Roberto Simanowski,
Helen Thorington
-On Jean-Jacques Birgé:
-On Nicolas Clauss:
-On Frédéric Durieu:
Review (The Body in Cyberspace)
-On Jean-Luc Lamarque:
-On Antoine Schmitt:
-On Servovalve:

Concrete Poetry in Analog and Digital Media




Bodies and Technologies in Multiplayer Role-Playing Games
by Randi Gunzenhäuser [Nov. 10]

Shattered embodiment. Cyberspace as Cartesian Project
by Elke Müller [Nov. 10]

Metonymical Mov(i)es. Lev Manovich's "The Language of New Media"
by Inke Arns [July 27]

Creating and Understanding Digital Art: Interview with Richard Karpen
[July 26]

Reconfiguring Education with Flexible Teachers: Interview with Mark Amerika
[July 25]


by Loss Pequeño Glazier [May 31]

Explorations of Ergodic Literature
by Shuen-shing Lee [May 26]

French e-poetry. A short/long story
by Patrick-Henri Burgaud [May 25]

Technology, Aura, and the Self in New Media Art. Interview with Simon Biggs
[April 04]

Becoming full-time web artist. Interview with Jim Andrews
[Jan 29]


23 reasons not to read We Descend
by Jan Van Looy [Jan. 14]

"Time and Space in Interactive Media for Children" Workshop Report
by Anja Rau [Jan. 12]

Fighting/Dancing Words in Works by Jim Andrews
by Roberto Simanowski [Jan. 10]

Transmedialization: An interart transfer
by Karin Wenz [Jan. 05]

Digital Poetics. The Making of E-Poetries
by Loss Pequeño Glazier [Jan. 02]




poetopology. folded space, traversal machines and the poetics of ‘emergent text.’
by Hanjo Beressem [Nov. 10]

A brief beta-test of this year’s winner of the ELO Awards, Caitlin Fisher’s These Waves of Girls
by Anja Rau [Oct. 31]

Digital Code and Literary Text
by Florian Cramer [Oct. 22]

The World of Digital Literature
by Christine Böhler [Oct. 20]

Eight Digits of Digital Poetics
by Friedrich W. Block [Oct. 17]


WYGIWYS or WYGIWYS Notes on the Loss of Inscription
by Giselle Beiguelman [Oct. 16]

Death of the author? Death of the reader!
by Roberto Simanowski [Sept. 30]

Screaming Screen and Binary Idealism
by Johannes Auer [Sept. 28]

Writing With the Code - a Digital Poetics
by Søren Pold [July 15]



From Surfiction to Hypertext. Interview with Raymond Federman
[June 9]

Interview with Markku Eskelinen and Raine Koskimaa
[May 30]

Discourse Timer. Towards Temporally Dynamic Texts
by Eskelinen & Koskimaa [May 29]

DAC 2001 A Conference Report
by Anja Rau [May 19]




Hypertext 2000 Conference Report
by Bernd Wingert [Dec 22]

Operations of writing. Interview with Stuart Moulthrop
[Nov 22

Ex Libris. Literature in Media Urbanity
by Søren Pold [Nov 22]

Living for Hypertext: Interview with Deena Larsen
[Nov 5]

Network (h)activity: Interview with Mark Amerika
[Nov 3]

Hypertext 2000
Conference Report by Anja Rau [Sep 5]

Reading Victory Garden
by Raine Koskimaa [Sep 12]


Digital Literature: From Text to Hypertext and Beyond
by Raine Koskimaa [Sep 10]

When Literature goes Multimedia
by Roberto Simanowski [Aug 24]

The Distributed Author
by Christiane Heibach [Aug 23]

Questioning Digital Aesthetics
by Bo Kampmann Walther [Aug 22]

Hypertext 2000 Reading Room
Trip Report
by Susana Pajares Tosca [July 12]

Playing for the Plot Blade Runner as Paradigm of the Graphic Adventure Game
by Susana Pajares Tosca [May 31]

Narrative as Puzzle? - Interview with Marie-Laure Ryan
[Mar 29]


Narrative as Virtual Reality
by Marie-Laure Ryan - Quotes from the Introduction [Mar 29]

Immersion and Interactivity in Hypertext
Chapter 8 of Ryan's "Narrative as Virtual Reality" [Mar 29]

The End of Books - or Books without End
by J. Yellowlees Dougles - Abstract [Mar 25]

Reading and Thinking HT - Interview with J. Yellowlees Dougles
[Mar 25]

Digital Media and Education - Interview with Ed Barrett
[Feb 29]

German Digital Literature
An Introduction by Roberto Simanowski [Feb 27]

Interview with Susana Pajares Tosca
Hypertext in Spain [Feb 02]




Riddling the Redare: "Quibbling"
Review by Bernd Wingert [Dec 24]

HT, CT, DL, Medium - Interview with Espen Aarseth
[Dec 16]

The 10th ACM Hypertext Conferenc
Review by Bernd Wingert [Dec 14]


HT in Russia - Interview with Inna Kouper
[Dec 12]

HT-Conference. Cost, Advantages, and Alternatives - Interview with Francisco Ricardo
[Oct 20]

Creating, Selling, and Evaluating HT - Interview with Mark Bernstein
[July 17]


"Twilight, a Symphony"
Review by
Susana Pajares Tosca [July 5]

Essay by Karin Wenz [June 30]

Towards an Aesthetics of Digital Literature
Notes by Roberto Simanowski [May 28]